Welcome to My New Classroom: The Gym

Our school has been closed since March, but today I got the chance to go in and take a peek at the gym and pack up my old classroom.

It was such a great moment. Everything was empty, but well-organized. I'm following a wonderful PE teacher and have some very big shoes to fill.

This will be my new view each morning when I walk into my job. The large windows let in so much light, I am beyond grateful to have the sun pouring in throughout the day.

Looking to the right, there is a garage door that I can open up to take the kids straight outside. It leads directly to the playground and the fields.

The garage door wall even comes with its own climbing wall. Living in Colorado, climbing is a common hobby and there are plenty of crash pads to keep kids safe as they learn safe and effective strategies.

Here is the view looking back towards the entry door. Those orange closets hold a ton of supplies and I am just going to have to figure out how I can remember all of the goodies stored inside!

I will also have a white board (shown) and a huge bulletin board (not shown, right outside of the door) that I can use to display our learning and lessons.

Thanks for joining me on this early tour. While I am not sure when I will be able to get back or even when we will be getting students next year, this was a great opportunity to get me thinking, dreaming, and planning for the year(s) ahead.

I also plan on trading out the background in my Virtual PE Class (read more HERE) to match the school gym. The sense of home will be a nice anchor for all of the students.

Stay well,

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